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Dashlet: OtrsQueue

Gets all new and open tickets from an OTRS setup using the OTRS SOAP API and shows it on the dashboard. Before using the dashlet, you have to define a webservice in your OTRS setup. Please see the section “configuration of OTRS webservices” to get more details.

configuration example

<dashlet class="DashletOtrsQueue" refresh="30000">
      <parameter key="title" value="OTRS Tickets in Eingang" />
      <parameter key="soapUrl" value="" />
      <parameter key="soapUser" value="yourdashboard" />
      <parameter key="soapPassword" value="yourdashboard" />
      <parameter key="queue" value="Eingang" />
      <parameter key="queue" value="Raw" />
      <parameter key="ticketState" value="new" />
      <parameter key="linkUrlBase" value="" />
      <parameter key="maxEntries" value="10" />


parameterdescriptionmandatoryavailable since version
titleheadline shown on the dashlet yes 0.1
soapUrlURL of the defined OTRS webservice yes 0.1
soapUserUsername for the OTRS SOAP API yes 0.1
soapPasswordPassword for the OTRS SOAP API yes 0.1
queueIf defined, show only tickets from given OTRS queue. Since version 0.2, multiple queue lines are supported, to define multiple queues no 0.1
maxEntriesmax count of tickets to show on the dashlet yes 0.1
linkUrlBaseDefines the OTRS base URL to use for links no 0.1
ticketStateShow only tickets of a specific ticket state ('new', 'open'). Mutiple lines are supported. Default value is, show tickets of state 'new' or 'open' no 0.2
ticketLockShow only tickets of a specific lock state ('lock', 'unlock'). Mutiple lines are supported. Default value is, show tickets of lock state 'unlock' no 0.3
createAlarmscreate alarms for new tickets no 0.3
alarmMinTimecreate alarms only, if they exists for alarmMinTime seconds no 0.3
alarmMaxTimecreate alarms only, if they exists for less than alarmMaxTime seconds. This value should be higher than alarmMinTime + refreshInterval of the dashlet no 0.3

configuration of OTRS webservices

To get the information from your OTRS setup, you first need to define a webservice. Log in as a user with admin permissions and go to the admin page. Select the link “Web services” and click on “add web service”. After that, click on the link “import web service” and use the following file: yourdashboard.yml

Get the ID for your added webservice (you see it in the OTRS URL) and put it at the end of your dashlet parameter soapUrl. Now create a new OTRS user with read only permissions for the needed queue and use it for the dashlet.

some notes on performance

The OtrsQueue dashlet needs a few seconds for loading the content. This is caused by the way, the OTRS SOAP API works. We need at first a SOAP call, to get all the ticket IDs for the dashlet. To get some details on the ticket (like ticket number, age, title) we need a single SOAP call for every ticket. You'll see the delay only when you open the dashboard. Every refresh will be done in background.

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