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Dashlet: OpenNMSAlarms

Gets all alarms from an OpenNMS setup using the OpenNMS REST API and shows it on the dashboard.

configuration example

<dashlet class="DashletOpenNMSAlarms" refresh="30000">
       <parameter key="title" value="OpenNMS Alarms" />
       <parameter key="restUrl" value="" />
       <parameter key="restUser" value="admin" />
       <parameter key="restPassword" value="admin" />
       <parameter key="alarmsCategory" value="router" />
       <parameter key="alarmsCategory" value="switch" />
       <parameter key="ueiFilter" value="" />
       <parameter key="linkUrlBase" value="" />
       <parameter key="maxEntries" value="10" />


parameterdescriptionmandatoryavailable since version
titleheadline shown on the dashlet yes 0.1
restUrlURL of the REST API of your OpenNMS setup yes 0.1
restUserUsername for the OpenNMS REST API yes 0.1
restPasswordPassword for the OpenNMS REST API yes 0.1
alarmsCategoryIf defined, the dashlet shows only alarms of nodes of the given surveillance category. Since version 0.2, you can define multiple alarmsCategory lines and check, if a node is included in one or more of the given categories no 0.1
ueiFilterIf defined, the dashlet shows only alarms, where the UEI matches the given filter. The filter is set using PCRE regex. Example:*$# no 0.1
linkUrlBaseDefines the OpenNMS base URL to use for links no 0.1
maxEntriesIf defined, show only maxEntries entries on the dashlet no 0.1
showLogmessageIf set to “false”, the alarm's logmessage will not be shown on the dashlet no 0.2
minSeverityIf set, only alarms of the given severity or higher are shown on the dashlet. Allowed strings are: 'CLEARED', 'NORMAL', 'INDETERMINATE', 'WARNING', 'MINOR', 'MAJOR', 'CRITICAL' no 0.2
createAlarmscreate alarms for new outage records no 0.3
alarmMinTimecreate alarms only, if they exists for alarmMinTime seconds no 0.3
alarmMaxTimecreate alarms only, if they exists for less than alarmMaxTime seconds. This value should be higher than alarmMinTime + refreshInterval of the dashlet no 0.3
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