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Dashlet: Clock

Shows date and time of a location.

configuration example

<dashlet class="DashletClock" refresh="10000">
      <parameter key="location" value="Berlin, DE" />
      <parameter key="clockDiffUTC" value="+1" />
      <parameter key="clockSummertime" value="true" />
      <parameter key="displayUpdateString" value="false" />


locationlocation shown on the dashlet no
clockDiffUTCdifferernce of the time to show from UTC. example: +3 or -4 no
clockFormatDateformatstring for the date. Paramters like the PHP date() function no
clockFormatTimeformatstring for the time. Paramters like the PHP date() function no
clockSummertimetrue, if you want to use daylight saving in the summer period no
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