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Setup of yourDashboard

Welcome to yourDashboard. Installation of the software is not very difficult, please follow the steps below.

install the required software for yourDashboard

yourDashboard needs the following software

  • a webserver (for example Apache)
  • PHP 5 with extensions:
    • curl
    • soap

copy the yourDashboard files

After you installed all the software you need for yourDashboard, download the current version of yourDashboard and extract the files in a directory of your choice, for exmaple /opt/yourdashboard. Link the web subdirectory in your webserver's document root.


tar -xvf yourdashboard-<version>.tar.gz
cp yourdashboard /opt
ln -s /opt/yourdashboard/web /var/www/yourdashboard #(if your webservers document root is /var/www)

configure authentication

At the moment, yourDashboard has no own module for user authentication. So, if you need authentication, use the mechanism of your webserver.

If you use an Apache webserver, you can use the following .htaccess example file:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "yourDashboard"
AuthBasicProvider file
AuthUserFile /var/www/yourdashboard/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

Create a .htpasswd file using the command line tool htpasswd.

There are other ways of authentication (for example LDAP), please have a look in your webserver's documentation.

further steps

Now you are done and have yourDashboard working in a fresh install. The next steps should be:

  • configure dashboards
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