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Welcome to yourDashboard!

yourDashboard is a webbased dashboard engine written in PHP. You can define multiple dashboards using a XML configuration file. Each dashboard consists of one or multiple dashlets, that will be reloaded in a configurable time interval using AJAX technology. yourDashboard comes with a few dashlets (please see below), but it is easy to write your own dashlet, too.


download Download yourDashboard on GitHub
SourceCode Get Source Code
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changelog changelog of yourDashboard

Getting started

setup installation of yourDashboard
dashboard configuration configuration of dashboards
customizing customizing yourDashboard
alarming Dashboard alarms

dashlet documentation

The following dashlets are available in yourDashboard at the moment. If you need further dashlets, it is easy to add your own dashlet. Please see section development below.

dashletdescriptionavailable since version
OpenNMSOutages shows outages of an OpenNMS setup 0.1
OpenNMSAlarms shows alarms of an OpenNMS setup 0.1
OtrsQueue shows newest tickets of an OTRS queue 0.1
Clock shows clock and date 0.1
About shows information about yourDashboard 0.1


dashlet creating your own dashlet
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